New beginning

Hello! 🙂

Starting a blog has been present in my to do list for a while now and I am so glad I finally could tick it off. As you might have seen in my profile description I have no life altering messages and quotes of wisdom to offer. I am pretty flaky that way 😛


The posts I shall be sharing will be mostly related to the 4 things which I passionately love:


  1. Food.

This covers trying out new places, digging new cuisines, discovering hidden gems, Major food porn pictures, food walks, recipes, cooking disasters, 5 min cooking tips for fellow lazy bums like me etc.

2. Bollywood

I am one of those people who knows every possible song from the shittiest movies and have had the courage to sit through most of them. 😀  So this would mean we’d follow bollywood gossip, fashion trends, dubsmashes, songs, parodies etc.

3. Shopping

I LOVE shopping. That does not necessarily mean I buy branded clothes. (NO MONEY.) I am broke half the year. 😛 However where there is a will there is a way! I make my way into budget shopping. This means good clothes at a cheaper price from places as diverse as a renowned store in a mall to buying from a street side seller. So we’d catch up on budget shopping, Timeless trends and ensembling outfits to form a complete look.

4. Traveling

Who on earth doesn’t like traveling? Here we shall discuss about dream destinations, budget trips( for eternal brokes like me), family trips, share travel experiences good or bad etc.

5. Miscellaneous

This would cover any other topic which needs to be spoken about. It could range from nail art, price of onions to URI attack.

Hope the blogging experience will be fun for both me and whoever wastes their valuable time to read this. 😛