Fashion hacks for big busted girls😉

I’ve heard time and again from girls who have smaller breasts how “lucky” the girls are who have big breasts. Honestly though (and I’m guessing I speak for every girl with big breasts) it is no party. 
I will list down a few reasons as to why:

A) the chronic backache

B) the need to wear a bra all the time even during the terrible summer days, simple because you cant afford to be without them. 

C) to be super careful about the kind of clothes you wear. T-shirts that look totally basic would look “oomphy” once you wear it. 😑

D) you cannot afford to wear a lot of fancy clothes and lingerie because..umm hello? Boob spilling from all sides. 

E) even hint of a cleavage which is considered classy in general seems vulgar or maybe “too much” when done so by a big busted girl. 

F) underboob sweat! 

Here however are a few hacks (tried and tested ) which definitely will make the task of choosing the right clothes for a big busted girl, a little easier. 😀✌

1.  Large printed material

Wearing large printed dresses would divert the attention ( mostly unwanted) from your problem area and distribute it evenly throughout. Large, bold prints includes: big floral prints, animal prints, polka etc. 

2. The correct kind of bra

Cant stress enough on how important this is. Ladies buying the correct kind of bra would solve of half of your fashion problems. Opt for wider strapped bras to distribute the weight instead of being concentrating on the thinner straps. Wear Minimiser bras, they give the illusion that makes the breasts look smaller and thus attracts less attention. Another hack would probably be wearing underwired bras as it works against sagging which is an issue for women with bigger breasts. Last but the least, measure the breast correctly before buying a bra. Wrong sized bra could ruin the best of dresses. 

3. Belt it up

Belting it up can genuinely can make an illusion of a  longer image which helps taking away the attention from bigger breasts. 

4. Layering it up

Jackets, blazers which are well fitted work wonders for women with large breasts. Not only does it look smart and classy but takes the attention away directly from the breast.Also stoles, scarves do the trick as well. 

5. Dark colors

Wearing colors of the darker palate could really do the trick as it makes the breasts look smaller and gives one a leaner look in general. Black is one such color which makes a person look thinner (and classy) anyday.

6. Accessories

Wearing a chunky neckpiece would distribute the attention from the breasts and also give an elegant outlook. 

7. Neckline

 The neckline of a clothing plays a pivotal role in this aspect too. Boat neck, V neck, scoop neck, keyhole neck etc and other wide neckline work for people with big breasts. Whereas high necks and polos could be really really tricky.  

Hope it helps 😊

Tips and suggestions are more than welcome. 


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